A Cut Above™

Locally grown, year-round, in ideal conditions in Pitt Meadows, BC, our fresh and nutritious greens not only last longer, but taste infinitely better. Assuring an abundance of delicious greens, our commercial scale indoor farming operations contribute to food security in our produce sector and our community.

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Future Farmers

As urban populations grow, and weather becomes more and more unpredictable, there’s a need to grow delicious food closer to home. It’s not just better for the environment, it’s farming for our future.

Our fully-automated, high-density vertical growing system uses a touchless technology from seeding through to harvest in a humidity, temperature, water, light and nutrient-controlled environment that ups the quality of each and every plant.

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Nerdy. Not Dirty.

Never touched by pesticides, herbicides, manure fertilizers, genetic modification, soil or human hands, everything we grow—from our tender butter lettuce to our snappy Swiss chard and gorgeous red leaf lettuce—stays fresh and ready to eat right off the shelf.

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Our specialized indoor growing methods provide optimal conditions throughout the growing and packing cycle to ensure our greens are always bright, vibrant and stay fresh longer.

When it comes to sustainability, we even recycle the carbon dioxide that plants breathe (rather than releasing it into the atmosphere) and our longer shelf life leads to less food waste after you bring our greens home.


less land


less water


less plastic

vs. clamshell packaging


greater yield

vs. conventional field-grown greens


Power Up

Power Up™

This Superfood mix is a powerhouse of flavour elevating your salads to the next level. Great for salad entrees and adds gorgeous colour and taste to sandwiches and wraps.

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Chop Up

Chop Up™

A chef-inspired blend of exotic choi greens.

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Liven Up

Liven Up™

A zesty selection of flavourful and aromatic greens. Pairs with pastas and hearty grains. Toss with roasted vegetables for a robust meal or side dish.

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Up & Away

Up & Away™

A delightful blend of delicate, sweet and colourful lettuces. This family favourite tastes great with pretty much anything. Brightens up sandwiches and pairs nicely with light vinaigrettes.

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Toss Up

Toss Up™

A chef-inspired mix of colourful tender baby red & green lettuces. A must for salad entrees. Pairs beautifully with grilled meats and fruit.

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Pairing Up

Your taste buds will stand up when you try our greens paired with one of these delicious recipes and dressings created through our partnership with Vancouver-born chef Emily Butcher (Top Chef Canada and bronze medalist at the Canadian Culinary Championship).

Our Recipes
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